Monday, July 30, 2007

Boring Bands

What's up with boring bands? I'll tell you what's up. A lot of bands out right now just bore the hell out of me, despite their current hip streak in underground/indie rock circles . Blues Control(SNooze Control), Wooden Shjips (what a dumb name), Jerusalem and the Star Baskets(don't even get me started on that one) and Ex-Cocaine(well, I did enjoy them when I was extremely high) to name just a few, are all in the current crop of bands that just don't seem to live up to the hype. Okay, I'm not doubting any of these groups' sincerity or devotion to their craft, its just that I'm goddamn sick of hearing about how good they are and I can't help but think that I've heard a lot of bands do what they do way better. In fact, I know I have wiseguy.

Stuff I've heard these year that I actually like: Electric Bunnies, Pyramids, Factums, The Terminals(the one from Nebraska, although there is a trippier, kinda Doors sounding band with the same name that I liked too).

There it is, kid. (james reference). not the band, although laid is pretty sweet.