Tuesday, March 25, 2008

This is not a SXSW post

Because really, aren't you tired of hearing about it? I am. Whether you went or whether you stayed home like a normal, sane person, it's time to shitcan the SouthBy talk and move onto more important topics, like March Madness or getting that hot summer body before shorts season arrives. And everyone else has already done a better and more timely job of talking about it. But I DID go and saw a ton of awesome music and bought some cool records, so I will probably namedrop the fearsome 4-lettered acronym from time to time in the next few posts. I brought a camera along hoping to capture some visuals to accompany my reminiscings, but I forgot that 1) I hate taking pictures 2) I'm not good at it and 3) taking pictures is gay.

But anyway, what I'm listening to right now ... two Naked on the Vague releases, Sad Sun (Sabbatical) and The Blood Pressure Sessions (Dual Plover). I saw them at the Siltbreeze showcase in Austin, which, even if it wasn't quite as mind-bending in execution as it was on paper (as much as I liked that Ex-Cocaine record, I was just really bored by the stuff live), still provided some big thrills and chills. NOTV was actually one of the bands that I found to be pretty head-spinning live and the recordings now make even more sense. Imagine two people sold into slavery, chained in a dank basement with some guitars, keyboards, and sundry effects, and forced to express their existential agony with primitive percussion and vocals that sound like they're being yelled/groaned from said basement. It's like that. But better. Full disclosure: I was really, really high when I saw their set, but I checked with a few sober people and they agreed that it was a spectacularly dread-suffused and riveting performance.

So anyway, NOTV are doing a big American tour over the next few months, some dates of which are going to include TNV and Psychedelic Horseshit, and Rich Horseshit claims that a Columbus show is in the works (haven't seen any evidence of this yet, but I still hope). You'll probably enjoy these dour Aussies even more if you see 'em live, but in the meantime, hunt the recordings down and let 'em sink into your bones. Good listening for when you're stuck in your own existential dungeon.