Saturday, July 12, 2008

SINGLE-MINDED, Vol. 3 - Columbus Edition, Pt. 3

RTFO Bandwagon - "New Jack" 7" (Dull Knife)
The criticisms I've heard leveled at the RTFO Bandwagon kids range all the way from "They're hippies" to "They're hippies." But what's wrong with that? I've met a lot of very nice hippies, and they usually have good drugs. Maybe I'm softening up in my old age, but the youthful cheer and vigor in this 7" make my shriveled heart swell with joy. In any case--sweat their innocent facade all you like, but to deny the ambitious and genuinely infectious songcraft ("ambitious songcraft" makes it sound bad) would be a mistake. I definitely like them better in this latest incarnation, with Rich from Psychedelic Horseshit on drums adding punk and heaviness. Cynics step aside, happy is the new bummed! Best melodica-heavy hard-folk record you'll hear this year.