Friday, June 01, 2007

OK, I'm back

Shit, I forgot I ever had this thing. My last post was that drunken missive from last November, after which I promptly neglected to communicate via this blog thingy ever again. Is "blogging" stupid? Do I hate the word "blog"? Do we need more people's opinions on music and the surrounding culture? Yes, yes, and no. Beat ya to it. So, yeah ... I need things to review. Good things, preferably, but I'll take bad things too. I'll try to be nice but I can't promise anything.

My address: 2490 N. 4th Street Columbus OH 43202 c/o Laura

If you use this address for anything other than sending me shitty 7"s I'll be sure to greet you at the door naked with hairy legs, a croquet mallet and a bloody tampon hanging out of my girl parts. You'll think twice before you stalk me again.

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