Sunday, September 07, 2008

LPz by broken stringz (fun kiddiez)

Laura has been getting on my ass about not posting anything, so i guess its time to throw a new review on here or something, although i mostly like to not review things in favor of just posting stupid shit. This might an attempt at an actual review though.

Broken Strings - s/t (True Panther Sounds)
Heard this Broken Strings thing first in Seattle a few weeks back and thought it was pretty cool, so i picked up a copy at the local record store and have been spinning it pretty heavily since. Falls heavily into the genre of guy in his bedroom with a 4-track sort of thing, but oh well, at least he's not using a synthesizer or making shitty lo-fi Human League knockoffs. As far as I know its just one dude from Olympia, WA playing on the intstros.,. cool man. sort of Elephant sixish(the few good recs. from that scene), a little 84 Nash Kings of Yeah can be heard in there as well, yeah i kinda like this in the reddish slop pop. more acoustic gtrs. for real. lots o' samples and shit, funny stuff about surfing and depression, more, more, more acoustic gtrs. REALLY LOud vox. kinda twee, but not so much to make it overbearing. enuffz enuff of this.

300 copies pressed and i don't think its going that fast. where are all the nerds?

"let's go". - Rancid.

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Doug said...

I saw this on the wall at Academy and it said that it sounded like TNV and GBV. I was intrigued, but I didn't buy it.

I still can't tell if you're recommending it, Dave. IS IT A YES OR A NO?

Sounds kind of lame.