Monday, December 10, 2007

We're back

After a long hiatus UR So Artgay!! is back, with 100% more vitriol than ever before ... we'll be callin' 'em like we see 'em, kickin' ass, takin' names, etc. etc. etc. Oh yes, and reviewing records and shows, too. Speaking of ...

Daily Void and TV Ghost at Bourbon St. on Friday night, wow. Awesome weirdness reigned. Chicago's Daily Void vacillate between Crass-ish hardcore and a more swinging Jay Reatard brand of punk (the vocals especially recall Reatard's stuff). Occasionally they leaned toward the latter maybe a bit too much but I'm not a hater so I'm not going to take points off an overall blazing set for petty shit like that. Lafayette, IN's TV Ghost, as usual, ripped my fucking head off with their lurching monster-punk. Abrasive keyboard whoops and wails atop spidery guitar lines and beyond-the-grave vocals, non-stop hostile energy. These teen sensations are going places, make no mistake. Missed Vegetative State yet again, caught the end of the Burndowns' set ... the Pittsburgh punk-poppers play fast, fun, melodic songs with gruff Rancid-esque vocals and the occasional careening guitar lead. Nothing wrong with that at all, so stop sneering. I love Rancid.


Steve said...

Thanks for watching us and the nice words, Laura, but I don't think we sound like Rancid that much. Hope to see you soon!

-Steve, Burndowns

Doug said...

keep posting guys.