Wednesday, January 02, 2008

You're more artgay + Talbot Tagora (urban boogie) aka i'm more punk than You

Shit, I forgot this blog existed. Didn't catch that Daily Void set a few weeks back, but I have that record. All the songs sort of sound the same, but when that one song is pretty good you'll get no complaints from me. Oh yeah, they're extremely punk too.

My new fave record is the self-released Talbot Tagora 7" that came out late last year. No labels, no nuthin'. That's pretty damn punk too. fuck labels. they're not punk. But I am, so fuck you.

They named themselves after some shitty, early 80's executive car made by Chrysler Europe that was discontinued after only being on the assembly line for like three years. Only 20,000 ever made. Now that's some history kids.

Whudda they sound like? Just buy it yourself, 'cuz I'm no good at describing music. too many adjectives maybe? Or maybe music is just impossible to describe accurately. I mean, I could sit here and tell you all about the Selznick/Hitchcock film "Rebecca", but that has some narrative structure, a plot, you know?
But for real, this is lo-fi. or is it no-fi? what's the difference? I dunno. how 'bout just fi?

okay, sick of writing now. I'm only posting something because Laura did anyway. Gotta one up her or something, prove i'm still here.

Check out SSSSSSSSSTT records(no, i don't mean SST). gotta lot great stuff comin' in '08.


LauraB said...

Dave ... I can't stop laughing ... oh god you are too funny ...

Anonymous said...

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