Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Blow out the Torch

Everyone in France, Tibet, and all you nations worldwide, keep blowing out the torch. Fuck the Olympics and oppression of the people of Tibet. Its not even safe to host the Olympics in China due to the overwhelming pollution problem in a country that has no admission standards. This risks potential health problems for Olympic competitors in Beijing. I'm all for creating dams that provide hydro electric power to cut down on the dastardly pollution problem, but when this creates the displacement of thousands of people who have lived on the land for years, it seems that a better solution needs to reached. Bringing politics into the Olympic games may seem sort of lame, but I guess its one way to get your voice out there. Perhaps these protestors are being paid off anyhow, so it might just be another instance of fraudulent passion for human rights. Still, blow out the torch.

Rekkids kiddies:

Inca Ore - White Nature vs. Wild Magic - Cool, vocal layered stuff from this Portland girl. No guitars, drums or anything lame like that. Atmospheric, druggy, trippy dippy hippie.

Meth Teeth - The 7" on Sweet Rot is a winner. Folky, reverb powered pop slop.

Yokohama Hooks - Turn on 7" - Punk Rock of the Rough Trade mold, but with some radical Poly Styrene esque shrieking. cooler than college.

Auto Glamour Sound Compilation - Shake it! records put this out awhile back. A fine capsule of the early 80's Cincinnati art-punk scene based around the long forgotten Hospital Records. Only band not from cincy is Teddy and the Frat Girls, but they're another story. Don't get me started on them, I could go on for days.

Talbot Tagora - Volcano Girls - I'm going to shut up about them right now.

Washington Phillips - What are they doing in heaven today? - Not usually a huge fan of the blues, but this 1920's gospel-blues singer had a unique voice accompanied by the dolceola, a zither like instrument with tiny piano keys. ends up sounding like a cross between a harp and piano and nothing like the Third Man. har har.


if you are reading this, you are a big dork and need to spend less time on the internet and more time fucking girls. I think Steve Albini said that. or was it Paul Butterfield?


LauraB said...

Yeah, Dave's back!! Need to borrow that Inca Ore from you (missed her @ SXSW).
Oh, and I LOVE the Olympics. I wish I was a gymnast.

jim suk said...

sheeit...the only reason i'm reading this is because my girlfriend is out of town, asshole.

Pat V said...

That quote was Steve Albini, and was directed at yours truly during the shellac set at More than music...