Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Dear Dave,

where are you to provide acerbic counterpoint to the ravingly positive review of Naked on the Vague below? You know I count on you to balance out my relentless optimism about the current state of music. Come on, don't leave us hanging!

Oh, and Dave was totally right about Talbot Tagora, I heard their self-released 7" at his place the other night and it rooooooools! Crazy kids. Order it here.


hinze said...

Talbot Tagora: it is good. This blog is only for homos.

LauraB said...

you're readin' it, homo.

DJ Rick said...

Talbot Tagora is a very special band. I get a taste of Icky Baby treble-worship infused with the frenzied youth attack, like the kind patented by L.A. Smell kids. A seldom heard combination of thrashin' and atmospherics. You should try to seek out their two other releases, too: the Volcano Girls CDR and the Sleepyheads cassette (both self-released).

Anonymous said...

Please stop.

I'm begging you.