Wednesday, June 25, 2008

SINGLE-MINDED, Vol. 2 - Columbus Edition, Pt. 2

Address change in effect, Dave. Thanks for the tough love. I'm pretty sure all of my records have made it into my clutches safely and kept away from the young "hood rats," as you call them. The damage that could be done to their fragile young psyches should some incredibly depressing, limited-edition colored vinyl accidentally fall into their hands! The children, my god, the children!

Pink Reason
"Winona" 7"(Woodsist), "Borrowed Time" 7" (Fashionable Idiots)
The A-side's stark, stately march towards desolation is some truly inspired gloom. It makes you feel every painful step, the deathly slow pace forcing you to look your shitty future in the eye the whole time. "I know the joke's on us, my friend" Kevin Debroux intones, and you know he's right. The B-side includes taut live favorite "Give it Away." It has the most ineffably catchy chorus I've ever heard. Try singing along with it. It's tricky.

In other, slightly-less-overwrought news, PR have another new 7 out alongside this one, "Borrowed Time" b/w "Scared Shitless." As much as I love the instantly memorable A-side, which reminds me of nothing so much as the Russian punk rock Debroux has claimed as a major influence on his band, I think that "Scared Shitless" is the clear favorite here for me. "Paranoia ... my only friend," Debroux wails over a thundering disco beat echoing from deepest hell. Paralyzing existential dread has never been so very danceable.

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